Chen Meng heart thump a bit, but the first time she saw the face of daily cold Luoxue so angry.Shen Jia dream that is not to bad luck??

  Author has to say: instead to kill it instead to kill you, Shen Jia dream immediately know the hell it!~~
  Thank you, Sandy Yunfu sauce little cute mine friends!

Chapter 202 passers translated into cannon fodder we [the Republic of] twenty-four
  Yang flat also wonder why, how this Luoxue manuscript still do not pay, directly off in a huff it, could there be a thing of the family?He was thinking to go to catch up, the results ran down the stairs, and even the personal shadow meet again.
  Young confused the ground floor flat, happened to run into the art editor responsible for Luoxue book design, and she made a call, art editor laughed, “cover design drawings alr广州桑拿网eady on the table top to the editor, you first help me find, taking advantage of the editor has not come back, and if he was picky, maybe I have to redo it.”
  Yang straight sigh, decided not to think about things that Luoxue, took the hand goes on the cover design draft, to the above Yipiao, had not quite got the idea, the result of a saw that very prominent name – Shen Jia dream, still Luoxue earlier, the key is that this man is not only the first translation of her, she is also a teacher consultant.Yang hearts thump a bit flat, but know why people erupted girl turned away, it is estimated that saw this.Who put in there who can not Go?
  Yang straight have a big head, small kai asked the editor, “small good, the translator’s name and consultants who tell you ah?I remember we did not give you detailed information it?You can f苏州夜网irst empty ah.”
  Small good face fell when he saw, also alarmed, quickly said, “is proof of the book editor told me, ah, they started to write my material is on top of this, ah, I was shining the written, no chaos.”
  Yang straight took a deep breath, immediately, “so I quickly destroyed draft!All of collecting printed amended know what?”
  Little good did not know what happened, but looking at his face serious look, nodded, took hastened to destroy the proofs, she is not only sent to the editor, as well as art editor in charge of books edit.A lot of people do.
  Yang is known editor straight to Luoxue to find a few consultant teacher, but this teacher has several consultants, printed only on a person’s name, not the translation of Luo school teachers and other advisers gave offended?
  To his knowledge, this is not a dream Shen Jia Ming and school biology teacher what?She also had not heard of the German ah, this translation is obviously a little girl who people do, how suddenly it more than a dream Shen Jia?It is not obvious to bully people there.
  Yang quickly sent straight to follow their own small editor to immediately apologize Luoxue famous person to your family, please come and then people – he is also very helpless, but this thing is really their fault, how it does so careless book editor?This does not put people to offend?The older children when it is gas, and if people feel that their little girl and the teacher collusion pit her how to do?They also managed to find such a good seedling do!
  He’d highly efficient, immediately went to the library next door editors asked how it is, book editor did not think he would be so seriously, but also slightly surprised a moment, surprised Road,
  ”So you do not know ah?This book is not translated with the lady and Luo Xue Shen it?Miss or Miss Luo Shen teacher, we will follow the original convention to do it.”
  Yes, in general, if the academic writings, then, for example, instructions and universities are professors took the students out of the book, after all this time students do not have to go out a little article is not good, so bright and universities have always been such a tradition.
  Book editor is misunderstandingSaid, but revealed little point to Chen Xu, his heart has a bottom, he knew how to do it.
  Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen Xu Mian suddenly mention “death plan 3”, that is probably bored little girl did not find the topic subject, he thought.
  ”Before going to shoot, but your father postponed.”Said Chen Xu.

  ”Come out to play for so long, tired and want to go home a baby play a.And you might even catch up with the two boy set a Wawa Qin it!”

  Duanmu Xu Lin Qing is this kind of stay amused laughing, had seemed strange, it is here, that if the former, then, Xu Lin is not to say these words as a sign of weakness.
  This guy is not very young, still continue to escape insane, his children did not know where you are, come here to parenting, nor watch the spoiled girl now willing to Zhao and his students.
  Have to say, Duanmu green long-term vision, the Xu Lin did not return home for three years are expected to posterior.
  Reheat the water, away from warming fire, sooner or later will be cool.
  Then hot love, not respond when there are tired of.
  After waiting for the people, and not the love, will give up hope.
  No one wants to always stay in that place, such as a doomed love will not bear fruit, after all, that things will be real polished.
  ”You want that experience, and so I write to you.As for child marriages thing, no chance, and you do not agree with a close relative married cousins.”
  ”No way!Cousin, you have to listen to this now even Biaosao?”Xu Lin looked Duanmu green look, simply shocked.
  Mighty big generals ah, did not expect was a henpecked.
  ”Jin Niangshui, the next generation will not marry close relatives, this has been included in the Code of Chenzhou.”
  Green Duanmu do not know, but Jin Yu said at the time enthusiastically arrange things, he inexplicably believes Jin Yu.
  Of course Jin Yu order to prove his words are true, people went to several of the next of kin married people out and found that generation as a generation, especially in the pro plus pro on people, particularly on the child deformity.
  ”Row!You can not marry will not marry!I also think it over, then life is just a few years, I did not have wronged themselves, but also to make people sad close.”Xu Lin station from the ground up the stakes, the body slumped and lonely loose some,” Ann reminds me, time is money, I’m wasting my life, it is also a waste of those who are behind me.”
  ”He who wants to understand these tired enough.”Duanmu Qing Xu Lin pat on the shoulder,” let her past the past it!深圳桑拿网Some people miss it is impossible to go back, to see opened, you live it well, it is the best explanation for everyone.”
  ”I will.”Xu Lin nodded, catch phrase,” I do not know from now happy to follow your footsteps, you can also catch up?”
  ”As long as you are willing to open-minded, never too late.”
  Xu Lin smiled, this time no longer the slightest bitterness and resentment.
  ”Tomorrow I’ll go back, for a moment seen aunt walk down the mountain.”
  ”Do not for a while, and now I’m down dinner together!”
  ”This.That’s not good?”Xu Lin rather embarrassing scratched his head, he is love slapstick character, the more people the more scruples he tempted to go crazy.
  In fact, after Erni and south of Azusa married, Xu Lin put down, and my heart have to tie him down is his own business, or would like to wish a happy Erni.
  ”Cousins pregnant in the body, you do not see me angry.”
  ”Enough talk.Jin Mother has been waiting for you out of the dead end, now you really want to start a new life, and she naturally would not catch you.You two down, to go home for lunch.”
  Do not mess with her disciple, Yu Jin generally speak well, I believe this thing Duanmu green Xu Lin also clear.
  Duanmu green waved toward the string bag, brothers, know not to play anymore, the brothers obediently stop, turn, slide down from the string bag, Xu Lin going to hold them, was also rejected.
  The little guy to play for a whole afternoon, to be down at the moment, and finally burned himself out.
  Baba wronged looked bad cop father, Ann also with a tear squeezed out, it resembles Jin Yu little face, Duanmu Green simply overwhelmed, Aishen took him to hold up, Ann hit the snake with a stick , is clinging to the old father’s neck, of course, obediently climbed on his shoulders.

  Nguyen Enron need to play your role today, is the heroine had just finished college entrance examination finally relieved, with a naive and enthusiastic vision of parents say their favorite professional, a parent was “easy to find work” completely negate Finally, parents can only silent acquiescence to her professional fill out a word for word, she went to a totally strange city, I read a little interest in her professional.

  Nguyen Enron put on high school uniforms, hair in the most simple and neat ponytail, sitting in the college entrance exam, head down, concentrate on the answer.
  This scene really is no difficulty, Nguyen Enron looked at the papers a little bit strange props crew.Examination paper examination paper is a language subject, Nguyen Enron look a bit above the title, paused on the reading comprehension questions.
  .What is the description of the gray curtains what purpose?
  Just want to write gray curtains can not do?
  However eloquent answer papers wrote a large, six points for a whole point to explain how the gray curtain off the scene at the time, but also showed how the mood of the hero, and also take care of each other and which part, etc., etc. Wait.
  Nguyen Enron: “.”
  Nguyen put down the papers Enron.
  She felt even the author himself to answer all think so much.

Chapter 135
  Nguyen Enron now finally understand, that the slightest miss seeing the props Ying Luo, when he also exposed Forget the past with a strong expression of how it was.
  .Ronaldinho had to go to school when you were writing papers so weird, it is not easy.
  This is a small episode, along with the crew is ready in all aspects, Nguyen Enron also quickly into the state, is the part of the heroine of the glasses on the bridge of the nose being 杭州桑拿洗浴yourself and start straight and fired off letters.
  Play no difficulty, and group play starring did not make any mistakes.Later, the actress returned home and parents opponents play no problem, Nguyen Enron Shunshundangdang completed his first day of work, and in the past, like the other crew inside when, early off work.
  Director Cao Ying Luo looked over to Nguyen Enron wipe the delivery of water, mind is a praise – the director Cao Nguyen this is the first time I saw Enron, before he hears himself talking about several colleagues over how the fairy baby koi in particular who had worked with Nguyen Enron “Golden Fox” money director of koi fairy can be said to be full of praise, and from acting to boast character, the director Cao old man who has not seen his children so appreciate an actor.
  Until today Cao Nguyen Enron directo南宁桑拿rs have really seen, was the first to cooperate with the koi fairy, director Cao know, the old man child who he said is true.

  When Han Sheng lightly, “You want to have a say is not it, that they did a good.”

  In the next nine clear head to discourage, or go beyond, or.Wind Guzhu will only lose more ugly.
  ”You’re.”The wind Yan Chan heart surging blood pressure, some staggering, but ultimately failed to speak out, she was a veteran monk Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying actually lost just promoted less than in January when cold raw.
  Lost did not need to mention the accountable thing.
  Wind Yan Chan left the ugly face, also took to eliminate all kinds of demons sent elixir nine clear head, nine clear head’d become accustomed to this dispute, then repair the relentless passage of time no less raw cold Jalan enemies, such as his master, fallen, forged his master’s enemies also come to him.
  He is also accustomed to playing both sides of the field and, subsequent processing to make one thousand Xia Valley does not entail grudges and Albatron, on the other side, but also impatient because the matter under coldness peak during the cold of Health said, “This is the parenting style Guzhu inevitably some extreme emotions, too heaven Do not you mind.”
  As for female Tan Yu F杭州桑拿论坛eng Gu Zhu’s actually sneak into the Albatron inner door, or delusion and too Xiao became the companion of.
  Nine clear head deliberately say something nice, “in the end is thousands less primary Xia Valley, thousands of pet rolled into one, inevitably temper some things I do not know.”
  When Han Sheng suddenly said: “Mu Yu is not so.”
  When the cold is not as raw cold of the high mountains of the brow slightly Weicu up, re-emphasized the phrase, “from an early age she behaved.”
  Whether it is cold when the mundane life, as well as Ruan Ruan liang and who will teach her very well, from small polite sensible, without the slightest air of arrogant self-willed.
  The first sentence is also not react so loudly nine clear head, this is the back door were the first day, and later each meeting are not open around the topic of kil上海夜网ling her daughter Xiao do too?
  When the cold indifference of Health has returned to the eyes of the dead, not moving like a mountain.
  If just to say that, man, not his.
  Nine clear head a bit hesitant, I do not know what to say, is down too Xiao, then lowered his intention to kill his own daughter on it, or pretended not to hear these words.
  He did not wait to make a choice, when cold students: “Today, you can find her.”
  When cold no matter how mundane life, he also recovered memory repair, on his own road to make a choice, and he died.
  After once mundane world full of love full of worried about him occupied, but re-return ruthless, and he was indifferent to it go away.
  Lingyun high as the Yuan Ying ceremony, overlooking the living beings ants, and that the only girl in this world has his bloodline, it was one of these ants.

  Jiang Rou picked up the two pills son, his mouth a person, then angry, however, Yang Shou Wu Allure smoked a slap in the face.

  ”Pop” is very loud, great strength of Wu Allure red marks on his face and instantly played a child.
  Wu Jiang Rou Allure staring, eye angered.
  Jiang Rou sneer: “You are the light of the fight, the first man to tea都市夜网ch you a slap in the face.”
  The little girl was very angry, internal organs are evil fire burning to the.
  ”Popping” She smoked the other side, raising his hand a second slap in the face.
  ”This slap in the face, is to teach you a man not so treacherous heart!”
  Jiang Rou two pumping slap in the face down, hands trembling, Wu Allure face swelling up, ugly, awkward.
  Then turn to Wu large, ginger Rou see quite hot tea on the table, then picked up and apart from anything else go out into five large legs down!
  ”Grunt” pour hot water bubbling, steaming hot, the five big face twisted, crimson eyes, was actually howling out of life and life.
  ”Cheap to you, or call you to be a eunuch!”Rou Jiang Kun Wu was certainly determined to let die without sons, may in the end the little girl did not want to touch that dirty stuff, etc..
  Pour a pot of water to make, Wu has been great to not stand the pain, the kind of flesh were splashed Sunburn hot water, soaked in hot pants also bar the flesh, Barbara as people wait for them to cut a piece of flesh off we go.
  Jiang Rou nausea two men, did not dare to stay, top-heavy to walk out.
  Wu Allure do not know what medicine to lower her, she would have this man still weak limbs, vision micro Akira.
  Girl staggered to the door, opened the door yet, on a forehead against a door, made a thump sound.
  Jiang Rou bit his tongue, trying to sober.
  She wants to leave!Qin Ye leave together to find!
  With this idea, ginger Rou simply use every effort to smoke out the bolt.

  Bai Huan brush with microblogging, happy to see Mu sik joke, even a kind of faint pleasure.Mu plant owes her, he has always come back.

  This is just the beginning, before adding insult to injury a mockery of the whole network of people she is, now people will be replaced Mu sik, taste the taste.
  Under the direction of public opinion online guide some people deliberately became pale, staring at the network Jiang Zhou and more ugly face, see Mu has reported a male plant is residue, grass is always greener, feeling cheated girls remarks.
  He knew the bad.
  Then the phone rings, there is Mu sik apartment property manager calling.
  Shaw knew nothing about the letter was still sleeping in the apartment, then was awakened by a phone call from Jiang Zhou.
  Not the original body of the phone, the phone is in the apartment, not many people know.
  Zhou Jiang voice was a bit hasty, “Mu-sik, now you do not go out.”
  Xiao letter also no gas to get up, but also sleep long enough.
  ”what happened?”Xiao letter or ask one.
  Jiang Zhou Some angrily on the phone, “Bai Huan Company in Black you, around your apartment now are crowded with media entertainment reporter, you should never go out, what do you call me.”
  ”Something.”Xiao letter bluntly straightforward,” I was hungry.”
  Jiang Zhou came to her from morning to four or five in the afternoon now, Xiao letter but nothing to eat.Mu childhood is a plant food to mouth, clothes to hand the young master, they not cook, there 北京夜网is also no refrigerator natural ingredients, some are wine.
  Jiang Zhou Zhi Mu although I think this is really great knowing you can, but think about him all the way to smooth sailing, but also cynical normal.
  ”Well, you do not go out, I’m going to buy you food.”
  Jiang told a few weeks yet, “remember not to draw the curtains, Zhibuding photographed them at any time on the opposite side, there are not just the Internet, those who do not control the micro-Bo.”
  Xiao letter should be next, quite responsible for this agent, her impression was good.Adequate sleep more sleep successfully alleviated the uncomfortable feeling on the hangover caused by the body after play excitement, waiting for take-away, when Jiang Zhou, Xiao letter doing nothing, also thought to see how many paparazzi outside, they nest on the sofa open the original body of the phone, just a boot to see dozens of messages and missed calls.
  No list of the contacts and the memory of the people familiar with them, you have a dozen phone came in, He Bin, the original body to play best friend, and Mu plant, are into the entertainment just for fun of the rich the second generation, and ‘like-minded’, no wonder so good to play.
  For example, last night in the club that night They, commonly known as Hupenggouyou.
  Xiao letter thought, always in contact with friends and family of the original body, then turned on the phone.

  Jiang Rou was over his shoulder, hard bones against her stomach and told the girl to Britain almost did not spit.

  Until the Qin and wild confluence, the girl landed feet are still floating, Xiangyebuxiang heels kick went Yen interest rates nine.
  ”You want to murder her sister do?Sad death of me.”The little girl in tears, really like a little pathetic.
  Yen interest rates nine hollow laugh on things: “That’s not me, carrying dodge what you can use?”
  Jiang Rou arms to join the chiefs do not want to manage this retarded brother.
  Hatano gently rubbed her belly to the little girl, but also to feed her some water, so we go by a number of.
  ”Nothing, one would follow me, I do not carry you.”Big brother now actually there to make fun of mind.
  Jiang Rou white at him, she looked around circle chiefs are all elite men, but it is not other people see again.
  ”Emperor.?My father and brother do?”Jiang Qin Ye Rou pulling the sleeves ask.
  Qin Ye said: “Your Majesty again on the other side, the interest of adults and your brother I’ve had to protect it, do not worry.”
  Heard, ginger Rou peace of mind, peace of mind can be less than a moment, her heart was ready to gossip.
  She Toumiao Hatano good glances: “That big brother, how are you going to do?”
  Hatano funny: “I did not want to how to do, is brutal 广州桑拿网princes want to do, after all, only parents and children are also looking back.”
  Qin Ye come back that day, ginger Rou will Muqing Yao and off Buso to him, now is the time to come in handy.
  And, when Jiang Rou was to stay under house arrest of the two men that in mind, his own people did not come forward, but also engage in a number of little tricks, so people think Buso off his house arrest, the emperor today.
  Thus, between the emperor and the more brutal king die endlessly.

  Lu Jing Yan grabbing Lianmei, Chen Sheng said: “If you have to drive again atlas embarrassed, please tell me.”

  His tone suddenly chilled down, not to discuss, recommend, but almost command.
  Chi Ying reciprocity: “I can promise you, but you do need to exchange a condition.”
  ”But said nothing wrong.”
  ”You are not sleeping well?I buy you some lavender essential oil on the pillow remember.Try to avoid working late into the night after, and after a period of time the human biological clock to sleep, think has a high quality sleep is very difficult, but also to sleep.You promised them, I promise you.”
  Lu Jing Yan Zhengran a moment, frowned, “This is what you say and Jiang Chong?”
  Chi Ying shook his head, “is not.”
  Lu Jing Yan looking more Su Ning, “Shen Jin find you?”
  In the spirit of the contract revolutionary comrades, late cherry put on a look of innocent ignorant: “Who is Immersion Gold?”
  ”.All right.”
  Chi Ying smiled, “I do not need to inform other people, your black eye so heavy and panda.”
  Paused, she bluntly: “There are night.You seem to nightmare.”
  Lu Jing Yan looking sank.
  ”Relax, you Shuixiang well, even if there is no fever kicking quilt, n杭州龙凤网o shame.Just brow wrinkled deep, I suspect you are entangled in a nightmare.”
  ”But Lu Jing Yan, you are not experienced any shadow of childhood?”
  Sakura frowned late, ring chest with one hand, other hand under his chin, as if what wealthy scores up in the brain.
  Peripheral vision, Lu Jing Yan face grew ugly, she finally cut to the chase.
  ”You do not mind me saying it.I just think of my childhood was happy, so they are the sweetest peace day.Reasoning about the opposite direction, not logic, but please forgive me land Gangster.”
  Wen Yan, Lu Jing Yan eyes flashed a moment of surprise, like a cluster of stars light up in the dark moment.
  His deep voice is also very light trembling: “You say, is true?”
  Chi Ying hearty smile, “This is what a good lie to you, I really have not experienced any natural disasters, life is very sparse normal.Do not curse me, big brother speak crack shot.”
  ”.”Lu Jing Yan also aware of their rather strange questions, open-minded, stone floor, eyebrows gradually unfold.

  Two people came back, it was the old lady who called out to the yard.

  When two people grinding grumble on the outside, it has been what had happened before, vivid told the old lady.
  Chu came from a large family home old lady, with her family background could have married better.
  But when she was young because of a chance for young Chu lord love at first sight, then regardless of whether to marry up.
  She married here, but when it was just sixteen years old.
  Many people feel that she saw a side to a man, put his family offended a thorough later date would have had a very bad.
  But people did not expect is that a husband and wife feeling particularly good, the second year gave birth to a fat baby spring.
  After Chu master nor concubinage, two people a nice day honey in oil every day, and after another gave birth to a son, a daughter.
  Originally this house, may have been happ北京夜生活网y to go.
  Unfortunately, the eldest son of Chu Xu disappeared, and later her husband died suddenly, she fell ill with sorrow Cross.
  If it were not cut and distressed Chu Chu Mingyan, she would go along to classic Chu.
  It is also because there are these two children, she now has to Qiang Cheng.
  Today Chu cut accident thing, starting without telling her.
  Chu wholly government down, she knows the difference between bone body.
  Afraid to let her know that she will be worried sick again.
  Later, I heard that Chen Yi Yi Er Ye to patrol, the group of children bear bitter lessons of the meal, under which people dare to tell the truth the old lady.

  Assistants are a bit panicked, “editor in chief, he said he had found a lawyer how do we?”

  Li editor Lengheng a cry, “What panic?In recent years to fight plagiarism lawsuit, you see Which won the?”
  Assistant Hsin Tao, it is people do not have money to play half court on the withdrawal ah, opposite the Linchuan society, the rich and powerful, Sike down, not necessarily win ah.
  Li editor, “We considered that it copied?Even the court, we also have reason to, copy it can be called reasonable draw?!We’re not exactly the same than down, the second batch of people set the whole do not like how they tell?What are they afraid, wrote me a copy call back!I wind up their language community is not afraid??”
  So in the afternoon, Li editor of the wind on the people in the official language community made a few micro-Bo out words very solemnly refuted the statement but off before March, and said that their language community wind and hand painted completely there is plagiarism plot.They will sue Linchuan agency rumors of them, causing them great damage to property.
  March just off the message also hanging in the heat of the first search, the following feelings cheering party still screaming, enthusiasm is not dissipated, the wind language community such a response, naturally attract a large wave of people’s attention, plus the customs declaration before after a month he sent directly named microblogging wind language community, so attracting a large wave of melons for the masses.
  But wait until I go in and see the declaration of the wind language community, simply head full of grass nest – This is too outrageous?
  Off March has given out plagiarism contrast, Linchuan Club is listed in a detailed comparison, and attach the explanation, a long eye could see plagiarism, but the wind language community here, directly to falsely accuse , not only does not recognize plagiarism, but also want to turn against their spread rumors slander, if not see that obviously copied the comparison chart, I am afraid they will be wind language community of righteous rhetoric to scare.
  But come back to see the wind language community’s collar off from the teacher’s collar, then probably only the hearts full of shock – the world so much as brazen person??
  Perhaps the wind is too shameless language community, so that people who eat a melon 苏州桑拿could not believe.Suddenly I understand the teacher scarf off the top and say, “put in here, copy, copy rearing.”What do you mean, look at this shameless extent of the wind language community, maybe really we will continue to copy.
  Countless people poured into the collar piece below, for a time, the wind language community is also on the hot search.
  This is the language Sheri wind at night and think of hot search, but unfortunately not a good thing.
  Before long, Luo Ying also seen the message from the top trending.He turned around and forwarded a piece of scarf off in March, added the words,
  ”Please put the wheat Luoxue painting, jade deleted, the pattern of her own design, boil for a few days this night is to detail the design back I’ve seen, though no one noticed, but it does not mean that the details of plagiarism doe杭州桑拿洗浴s not exist, our lawyer’s letter was intended, we will pursue legal responsibilities @ @ wind language community of Panyu.”
  - Luo Ying see most people can not bully his sister, though less obvious because so Linchuan not find out, Luo Xue did not mention, but he still found the wind cautious language community who set among the second batch of paintings copied Luoxue who set part, after all, was Luoxue also sent a message asking him which of two design like, Luo Ying very impressed, so glance looked out for the wind language community, I can not help but move anger.
  Luo Ying fans are some do not know what happened, point into the wind language community scarf inside to see the race, although some people still do not know the comics industry, but figured it out from between the lines of these, the wind had copied language community sister comic, that is, who set Luo Ying, also shoving the sister of a colleague copied over, but also clamoring to sue the magazine for defamation sister???
  Luo Ying fans love this talented and very low-key sister are particularly fond of his sister painting super nice intentions of people set up, have been the wind should language community of the magazine to refresh the bottom line, very angry, and his sister only Luo Ying-bullying can be okay!Spicy chicken comic community Go to hell.!
  So the issue of language community in the wind this scarf did not take long, not only did not put them to carry out wind language community go after, but all of a public opinion down, the heat is there, but all are condemning, there are a lot of people send private messages to ask them, make matters worse, editor of office which also has a hand painted non-stop, the partners called to inquire about this matter, so that the wind language community are plunged into chaos.
  Li editor after hanging up a phone to cancel contract partner, slumped directly above the seats, the situation has been completely out of his expectations, walked toward the worst place, but he is clearly the face of this situation a bit powerless.
  Eventually, the editor Li finally sat up and asked the assistant to cry, “Linchuan goose and white shrimp are based Friends of What?”
  Assistant did not understand what he wants to say, nodded his head, Li editor eyes were revealing a little excitement, “we can say that this is revealed to goose white shrimp, we know, these designs are released before Linchuan people, we do not know the goose has already been proposed to use a set of.”
  Assistant could not resist, “but the editor, geese they are now, all the hair scarf apologize.”