[First, seafood is the most nutritious?

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[First, seafood is the most nutritious?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

The vast majority of people like to eat seafood. People usually eat seafood in a variety of ways. There are many types of seafood. The method of making seafood is also ever-changing. You can make a lot of delicious dishes by stepping on an ordinary seafood food, especiallyIt is a person who has lived on the seashore for a long time, and usually eats a lot of seafood, but I need to remind everyone to pay attention to the correct way of eating seafood. So what kind of seafood is the most nutritious?

At first seafood was the most nutritious?


Obviously, calcium aquatic products contain a wide range of calcium, especially shrimp skin.


Tip iron mainly includes kelp, laver, wakame, seaweed, beetroot, cod liver and so on.


Probably zinc is mainly oysters, starfish, mud spades, kelp, laver, mussels, sea intestines and so on.


It may be found that the main sources of iodine are kelp, laver, beetroot, croissants, sea cucumber, jellyfish, scallops, mussels, sea fish, shrimp, crab, and conch.


Obviously selenium mainly includes sea fish, shellfish, sea crab meat, climbing shrimp, conch, starfish seeds and so on.


Obviously manganese mainly includes fish eggs, fish roe, crab meat, climbing shrimp, starfish seeds and so on.


It is known that copper mainly includes conch, shrimp, clam butterfly, clam, and gardenia.


Obviously the main drills are fish roe, fish eggs, crab meat, crab bream, starfish seeds, sardines and so on.

First, abalone has been one of the “eight treasures” of seafood since ancient times.

Fresh abalone is tender, fresh and not greasy. It is a high-protein, low-fat food. It is a biologically active substance extracted from abalone by Bob Lingsu and also improves the body’s immunity.

Fresh abalone becomes dried abalone after being air-dried. It is a very precious ingredient, and the quality of net abalone is the best.

The “two heads” and “three heads” I often hear refer to the abalone grade. “A few heads” means how many abalone per horse catty (about 655 grams), and some “9 heads”There are 9 abalones on one behalf, so the lower the number of “heads”, the lower the rank.

This is the most delicious to eat: 1.

Fresh abalone is suitable for steaming or sautéing, and it is fresh and smooth.


Dried abalone is suitable for slow-cooking in a casserole or as a stew, which can retain its deliciousness and nutrition to the greatest extent.

Second, in the eyes of seafood enthusiasts, lobster is a well-deserved “king of seafood”, not only because of its domineering appearance, but also because of its delicious taste, so high-quality protein, and absolutely low content.

If you want to taste different levels of lobster, you must choose according to the place of production. In some places, the lobster has the firmest fleshy teeth and the lobster head is creamy. The Boston lobster is more sweet and delicate. The rarest and most expensive is the French blue lobsterThe shrimp body is a rare sapphire blue. The meat is thick and tender. The taste of lobster is the strongest. If you taste it carefully, you can experience the faint salty ocean.

This is the most delicious to eat: 1.

The sashimi of lobster can improve the taste of the lobster’s sweetness and fleshy teeth.

It is recommended to add soy sauce and mustard, but control the amount.


Steamed with lemon juice and melted paste, the flavor of lobster is richer.


XO sauce is stir-fried, the entrance is rich in sauce, and the taste is the tender and fatty lobster flavor, which echoes the two.

Third, scallops In Chinese and Western cuisine, scallops are a very popular shellfish.
The essence of scallops is the milky white meat in the shell, which is sweet and aromatic on the mouth, soft and smooth.
Scallop is a kind of food with high protein and low feces. It contains only 1-4 grams of aunt in every 100 grams of fresh scallop meat, and it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is very good for heart health.

Scallops made from dried scallops are called “scallops” and belong to one of the “sea eight treasures” in seafood. They are delicious and have the effects of nourishing yin and kidneys.