[Can crabs be refrigerated]_frozen_affected

[Can crabs be refrigerated]_frozen_affected

Because the nutritional value of crabs is relatively high, many people will buy a lot of crabs during the most fat season of crabs, and then store them in the refrigerator at home, so that the crabs can maintain a long sedimentation, but ifIf you want to eat fresh crabs, you can put them in the refrigerator when you store them, so you don’t need to thaw them before you eat them. Can the crabs be put in the refrigerator?

Method 1: Keeping crabs in the refrigerator. Crabs are fresh and aquatic products. The storage time is shortened after leaving the water. The crabs purchased can be eaten in about 3 days. It is relatively easy to save crabs: choose vigorous crabs and put the crab feetTick up with tongs to reduce the physical exertion of crabs, then put them in the freezer of the refrigerator, and cover them with a wet towel.

When you eat every day, first select the crabs that are not full of energy, and the crabs with full energy can continue to be saved.

How to know the difference between crabs’ lack of vitality: Carefully touch the crab’s eyes. If the response is not sensitive, it means that the vitality is insufficient.

Method 2: Preserve the crab in a plastic bucket / pot. Prepare a 30-50 cm plastic bucket or pot, because the inner wall of the plastic bucket / pot is smooth and difficult to escape.

Put the crab in it, then add water to half the height of the crab’s body-it is mainly moisturizing. You cannot bury the hairy crabs. If the water is too deep, the crabs will die of hypoxia and suffocate.

Buckets / basins do not need to be covered. This method is used to store crabs. When the temperature is not high, hairy crabs can be stored for more than 5 days.

Method 3: Preserving crabs in the holding pond If the crab powder you purchased cannot be eaten for more than three or five days, you cannot use the above method to store it. The best way is to use your bathtub as a holding pond and let it out forEnjoy the crabs: Because the walls of the bathtub are smooth, the crabs cannot escape. Then gently pour the crabs into the bathtub and fill them with water just to bury the crabs. If the crabs stand on their feet, they can breathe on the surface of the water, and according to the storage time andA small amount of small fish and shrimps with a small amount of flavor are stored in this way for more than 7 days or continuously, and the survival rate of good-quality crabs can reach more than 95%.

Special reminder: if you do not eat immediately, please do not wash with water, otherwise the crab will die.

If the indoor temperature does not exceed 15 ° C, do not put the refrigerator.

Under normal circumstances, it can be stored for 5-7 days, but the crab will be thinner if it is stored for a long time. 3 Resuming the food will not affect the taste.

What should you pay attention to before putting crabs in the refrigerator?

Frozen crabs are certainly not as delicious as fresh!

But as long as you have a little trick, just boil it in boiling water before freezing, let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator, and wait until you are ready to cook, the meat will be very delicious!

How long can dead crabs be stored in the refrigerator?

This problem should be treated differently: crabs that belong to the river cannot be eaten when they die; crabs that belong to the sea are edible as long as they do not smell.

Written at the end: Usually eat seafood, the freshness of seafood is very important, stale crabs and shellfish are even poor in flavor, and easily cause poisoning.

So don’t eat dead crabs.