Laparoscopic gastric septal surgery dinosaur sister smashed 44 kg

Laparoscopic gastric septal surgery dinosaur sister smashed 44 kg

Twenty-four-year-old Chen, the dinosaur girl who weighed 152 kilograms, tried hundreds of weight-loss methods and spent millions of dollars but still could not lose weight. But she received a laparoscope from Huali Tzu Chi Hospital.After the gastric septum surgery, she lost 44 kilograms of fat. She is quite satisfied with her body and lives very easily.

  The woman surnamed Chen, who used to be a “dinosaur girl,” said that she had broken 100 weights in her sixth grade. She has tried hundreds of weight-loss methods since she was a child. It cost millions of dollars and has lost weight for many years.Medicine, weight loss diet, dieting have tried, but all have no effect, she also had a sinful sense of eating and eating, she vomited, or did not dare to eat food after losing weight, almost anorexia and psychiatric treatment.

  The woman surnamed Chen received laparoscopic gastric septal surgery at the Tzu Chi Hospital in Hualien in January this year to reduce her stomach to reduce her food intake. Five months later, she had lost 44 kilograms of fat and weighed 152 kilograms.About 108 kilograms, based on the height of a woman of 178 centimeters, although the current weight and height quality index is still high, but she is quite satisfied with her current body, she said that now there is no need to deliberately dietIn addition to daily work activities, weight can continue to decline, she feels that life is quite comfortable.

  Wu Chaoqun, a surgeon at Tzu Chi Hospital, said that there are two types of surgery: stomach diversion surgery and gastric compartment surgery. The gastric diversion surgery is to insert the intestine directly into the upper part of the stomach. This method is invasive and irreversible.The treatment method is easy to lead to vitamin B12 deficiency and the risk is high. He is not recommended.

  There is laparoscopic gastric compartment surgery, Wu Chaoqun said that through a specially constructed nail, the space above the stomach is separated by a space of about 50 xixi, which narrows the stomach capacity. Usually, as long as the small stomach is filled, there is a feeling of satiety, and the food passes through.The opening of one centimeter diameter at the bottom of the small stomach slowly enters the large stomach for digestion. After the operation, the transformed stomach capacity is reduced, which will significantly reduce the food intake for weight reduction purposes.

  Wu Chaoqun said that gastric compartment surgery is to limit the patient’s food intake to achieve natural weight loss, highly obese people, an average of more than 10 kilograms a month, and unlike the small intestine resection will produce sequelae.