Old couples have emotional movements, happy body and mind

Old couples have emotional movements, happy body and mind

There is an old saying that is very specific: “The public does not leave the woman, the scale does not leave.”

To talk about the movement of the elderly, it is still good for the old husband and wife to exercise together.

After shortening the practical experience of time, my experience has three major advantages: First, the retired old husband and wife can exercise together, can cross each other and supervise each other.

I have a deep understanding of this.

After retirement, no official is light, no longer have to go early and go home late, and work hard on the hour.

Therefore, the thought is loose, and the lazy action will attack.

Watching TV at night does not see “goodbye” on the screen. I don’t sleep. I can’t get out of bed the next morning. My “morning” can only start from 10 in the morning.

My companion said that this is absolutely impossible, and how can the body be able to withstand it?

Therefore, our two old guys set up a gentleman’s agreement to supervise each other: go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, and get up at 6 o’clock the next morning to go to exercise together – first run, then walk, one hour before and after.

Some little sweat, activity and bones, and happy body in the common exercise, both tasted the sweetness.

  In fact, the old wife and wife can also be related to each other.

Those who know the husband are no more than their wives, and those who know their wives are not husbands. Whose physical condition is known to each other.

Running to a certain length, each other reminded: “Almost, don’t run hard, prevent too tired.”

“Another answer: “It makes sense, just enough, just right. – Well, run 100 meters, let’s go for a walk.”

“This cooperation, complement each other, has achieved the purpose of aerobic exercise, emotional movement and physical fitness.

  Third, the old wife and his wife are together to exercise their thoughts and feelings in the form of shadows.

When two people are running at the same time, can’t they say nothing?

The two walked side by side, not even dumb.

We are always open and easy to talk about.

He said that the weather was good this morning and I said the air was really fresh.

He said that he heard that he had raised his salary. I said that the increase in wages is better than not.

He said that life will be better in the future. I said that exercising is even more important. – Good days, good life, bad health, good health. Physical exercise, thinking movement, mutual linkage, the old body will come.The healthier.