Please don’t blindly eat wild vegetables

Please don’t blindly eat wild vegetables

Wild vegetables have high nutritional value and are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is especially commendable that wild vegetables are generally rich in wild crude fiber, which is used to remove pollutants, treat constipation and prevent colon cancer.Special effects.

However, the wild vegetables are wild, and there is a choice of wild vegetables, which cannot be eaten blindly.

  It is not advisable to eat wild vegetables at will.

Wild vegetables grown in mountainous areas, fields and other places, due to natural growth for artificial cultivation, do not use chemical fertilizers, no pesticide pollution, but these places are also vulnerable to pollution from toxic gases and domestic exhaust gases emitted by automobiles, and should not be eaten.

  It is not advisable to eat wild vegetables.

In some places, air pollution is serious, and the content of heavy metals such as mercury and lead in the soil is significantly increased.

Wild vegetables grown in the natural environment are easy to absorb heavy metals such as mercury and lead. People who take care of food or eat too much can cause heavy metal accumulation poisoning.

  Those who are allergic should not eat.

Those who are usually prone to allergies should be careful when eating wild vegetables.

For the first time, it should be eaten in small amounts. If there is allergic or poisoning symptoms such as itching, edema, rash or subcutaneous hemorrhage after eating, you should stop eating wild vegetables and go to the hospital for treatment.

In addition, many wild vegetables, such as wild leeks, willow buds, wild donkeys and skunks, must be boiled with boiling water before eating, then rinsed with water, drained bitter water before cooking; wild vegetables should not be stored for a long time.Eat, eat fresh as well.