[Will you drink white tea at night]_ Drinking tea _ Best time

[Will you drink white tea at night]_ Drinking tea _ Best time

In normal life, drinking white tea in the afternoon is very good, because in the afternoon is when the body is relatively tired, drinking a little white tea has a refreshing effect, has the effect of refreshing heat and lungs, before going to sleep at nightIt is best not to drink white tea, because white tea can also stimulate people’s nerves, which will affect people’s sleep and even lead to insomnia, so it is best not to drink it two hours before going to sleep.

How about drinking white tea at night1. Drinking white tea at 7:30 in the evening to regulate the immune system Some people say that it is best not to drink tea at night, otherwise you can’t sleep.

In fact, this is a partial statement.

Around 7:30 pm is the time when the human immune system is most active. If white tea is properly inserted during this time, it will help repair and restore the immune system.

In addition, white tea also has the function of promoting digestion. Drinking a cup of white tea after a meal can promote digestion and prevent oily substances from accumulating in the digestive system.

It is best not to drink tea for two hours before going to bed, because drinking tea can cause nerves to be excited, reduce the quality of sleep, and may even cause insomnia.

Don’t drink tea for patients with neurasthenia. Drinking tea can stimulate the nerve center.

If patients with neurasthenia drink tea, especially at night, it can easily lead to insomnia.

2. Drinking white tea at 3 or 4 in the afternoon to calm the liver is often said to drink afternoon tea, usually people work most vigorously at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. According to the effect of white tea to reduce heat and relieve heat, white tea can regulate the bodyRole in enhancing body resistance.

In addition, for the “three high” people, insisting on drinking afternoon tea can dissolve the effects of drugs.

How to drink a cup of white tea, should not be too strong, generally 150 liters of water with 5 grams of tea is sufficient.

The water temperature is required to be above 95 ° C, and the first soaking time is about 5 minutes. After filtering, pour the tea soup into a tea cup and drink it.

The second bubble only takes 3 minutes.

Generally, a cup of white tea can be brewed four or five times.

White tea is cold and cold. For those with “hot” stomach, stir it on an empty stomach.

Those with a neutral stomach can do so at any time, while those with a “cold” stomach should put them after meals.

But white tea does not irritate the stomach wall in general.