[Does it hurt for the first time?


[Does it hurt for the first time?

For girls who have no sexual experience, if they want to welcome their first time, they must be very nervous and have many questions at the same time.

For example, does it hurt for the first time?

We all know that when girls have no broken virgins, their private parts are protected by hymen, so we often hear the narrative that the hymen will bleed for the first time.

So, is n’t every girl painful and bleeding for the first time?

Does it hurt for the first time? First of all, why do women have early night pain?

Of course, we must understand that virgins are afraid of pain for the first time, and this is also a very common sexual problem.

There are many reasons for this, parasitic infections, drug irritation, allergies to items, and even excessive vaginal cleaning.

However, there are two common intrinsic factors in pain during intercourse.

That is vaginal dryness and vaginal tension.

The nature of sexual intercourse is a physical friction.

Our skin tends to be uncomfortable when rubbed without lubrication.

If it is the epidermis of the esophagus, then gastroscopy is terrible.

Even though.

Many people have another fabulous misunderstanding.

They believe that as long as sexual intercourse is friction, there is happiness.

As everyone knows, what they get is often just overcoming or even suffering.

Ovary and vagina are very tender after all.

In fact, because virgins lack sexual intercourse skills, their vaginal dryness often leads directly to pain during intercourse.

The so-called vaginal dryness is inadequate or no lubrication.

This can happen without sexual arousal or insufficient stimulation.

At the same time, psychological stress can lead to insufficient lubrication secretion.

Exactly, this is a problem that often occurs in the first night.

Then, hymen itself is a friction disorder.

The problem was compounded.

Furthermore, vaginal tension is also a serious problem.

It can be severe enough to paralyze the vagina.

Vaginal veins can already prevent sexual intercourse.

We think about the injection, when we are forced to accept a painful insertion, it will make the pain exaggerate.

So, the myth of pain aggravates pain.

In the end, the virgin had pain at the beginning of the night, which is also likely to be the prevailing concept in our society but all due to the rupture of the hymen.

In fact, the hymen is rich in blood vessels but only a few nerves.

When it breaks, it does not cause noticeable pain.

Rupture of the hymen in some shapes is almost painless.

What’s more, if it is sufficiently lubricated, the pain will be reduced.

Indeed, the vaginal wall fits before the first sexual intercourse.

Insertion of the penis can cause a burning sensation, even tingling.However, the tingling pain of an ant is very different from the sharp pain in the legend.

It is not ruled out that certain cases of hymen can cause great pain and even fail to have sex.

However, in general, it does not constitute “pain.”

Does a woman bleed for the first time?

Generally, the first time will bleed, but there are special cases. Some girls have not had a boyfriend, but the first time she did not bleed was because the hymen was torn in a previous physical activity or other reasons.

Moreover, the characteristics of hymen vary from person to person, including thin, thick, loose, tight, large, small, and different shapes. Some are broken due to seizures, cycling, falls, trauma, menstrual bleeding, masturbation and other reasons.
Some are aging hymens that have shrunk on their own.

Some are not obvious at birth: some hymens are very strong and remain intact despite repeated intercourse.

Due to the different elastic damage of the hymen, when the penis is inserted, the hymen is ruptured by external force, and pain and bleeding will occur, but everyone’s pain and bleeding are different.

According to the survey, about 37% of those who feel faint pain, 30% of those who have severe pain, and 12% of those who do not feel pain.

Some women’s hymen is very elastic enough that it will not break even if the penis is inserted. It is medically called a tolerant hymen.

The hymen is not completely closed, and there are holes in the middle for the exchange of menstrual blood when the aunt comes. Not every virgin has bleeding or pain during the first sexual intercourse. According to modern medical evidence, 23% of women do notBleeding.