[How does frozen milk heat up?

】 _How to heat_Heating method

[How does frozen milk heat up?
】 _How to heat_Heating method

Breast milk is the best ration for babies. Most women will choose breast milk after giving birth. However, many women cannot breastfeed their babies at any time because of the need for work. Therefore, some pregnant mothers usually choose to squeeze breast milk out.Then put it in the refrigerator and keep it frozen. When the child is hungry and then thawed the baby, how does the frozen milk generally heat?

How does frozen milk heat up?

1. The first step is to thaw first. The mother can take it outside one day in advance to thaw, or soak it in cold water. 2. Put the thawed breast milk in a container, and then dip it in warm water below 50 ° C., When soaking, shake the container from time to time to evenly heat the breast milk, and also make the adults in the breast milk mix evenly.

Generally stored breast milk will decompose and look a bit blue, yellow or brown, which is normal.

3. After thawing breast milk, if the baby hasn’t finished one meal, just dump it, don’t stay at the next meal.

Therefore, the mother must evaluate the baby’s required amount before taking the milk, and do not take it out too much, to avoid this feeling of breast milk waste and reluctance to change.

What should I pay attention to before breast milk storage?

It is recommended that mothers who carry breast milk use a small amount of breast milk freezing method, about 60?
120 grams is enough, it will break easily when it is too full.

In fact, there are milk storage bags and milk bottles specially prepared for mothers on the market, with measuring scales on them, so as not to waste every time you warm the milk.

Before freezing, clearly mark the month, day, hour, and minute, so that when you warm your baby, you can “suck it first and eat it first.”

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Breast milk should be kept separately when placed, not with other foods.

The storage time of breast milk is different at different storage temperatures. At 25 ° C to 37 ° C, breast milk can be stored for 4 hours; below 15 ° C can be stored for 24 hours; 2-4 ° C can be stored for 8 days; -19 ° C can be stored for 6More than months.

For defrosted and warmed breast milk, if the baby does not finish it at one time, the remaining breast milk will be drained no matter how much, because breast milk cannot be repeatedly warmed and frozen.