[I haven’t been pregnant for those tests?

】 _How to check_How to check

[I haven’t been pregnant for those tests?
】 _How to check_How to check

For newly married couples, having children is the first big thing.

However, in life, some couples have even been married for several years and still have no children. This is not normal, unless you do not want children.

But there are very few children who don’t want in life.

If you haven’t become pregnant for a long time, I am afraid that there is a certain physical problem.

So, I haven’t been pregnant for some tests?

1. Check for tubal patency. Fetal infertility caused by tubal problems accounts for nearly all replacements. Therefore, female friends must be checked for tubal patency, especially with a history of reproduction or a history of abortion.Female friends, even more to know!

2, female ovarian examination Female ovarian examination is not only to check the ovarian situation, but also pay attention to ovulation.

The main tests for ovarian cancer are problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome or decreased ovarian cancer reserve function.

In addition, pay attention to the lower ovulation and focus on whether the follicles can grow smoothly and whether the follicles that can grow can be smoothly discharged.

3, endocrine examination endocrine level is also an important influencing factor, some female friends because of the problem of poor hormone levels affect normal pregnancy, some conditions will lead to early pregnancy abortion.

Therefore, if you check that the endocrine level is not good, you must actively adjust it before considering pregnancy!

4, men’s sperm check In addition to regular checks, men’s friends should also consider the check of sperm quality, many men’s friends do not care, think that pregnancy is definitely the problem lies with his wife and children.

However, men’s sperm quality is also an important influencing factor in conception. Low sperm motility or high deformity rate, and even the situation where the mirror is not liquefied will affect pregnancy.

What should I do if I haven’t become pregnant for a long time?

1. The hospital checks the B-ultrasound and six hormone tests to rule out infertility caused by its own problems. Remember that Mr. incidentally also goes to the medical examination. 2. You can add folic acid. You can exercise for three times a week. Of course, nutrition and protein should be followed.Got it.

Those who don’t abandon trouble can take basal body temperature every day and can trim their ovulation (wake up every morning, don’t talk, don’t exercise, don’t go to the toilet, immediately put the thermometer under the root of the tongue, it is best to calibrate the accuracy)

If you find that you are not pregnant, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. To get pregnant as soon as possible, both men and women need to be examined. You can make targeted choices based on the above inspection items. It is also necessary for male friends to have sperm examinations.It also directly affects the degree of conception, and it is necessary to prepare the necessary folic acid supplement for pregnancy.